Synthetic Turf Applications

If you’re a sports enthusiast or a fan of hitting the links, chances are you’ve seen synthetic turf in action. What you may not know, is our versatile products are a perfect surfacing solution for a wide range of applications, both in and outdoors!
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It’s Not Just For the Pros!

Synthetic turf is a smart solution for transforming spaces that have suffered wear and tear from overuse and weathering into a safe & beautiful landscape that can be enjoyed recreationally year round. Installing synthetic turf enables homeowners, businesses, and schools to conserve water, avoid the use of potentially harmful pesticides, and cut out the time and money spent on maintenance.

While synthetic turf is an unrivaled surfacing option for athletics and golf, our versatile products are peerless in a variety of applications for both commercial and residential properties. Synthetic turf can be used as a safe surfacing option in recreational or play areas for children and furry friends. While a significant amount of work must be put in to keep natural grass aesthetically pleasing, our durable products remain looking lush.


Unlike hard concrete, or mulch which can become uneven and unsafe from prolonged use; synthetic turf provides a softer surface for around children’s play areas with quality that won’t suffer from extended utilization by children enjoying their recreational areas.

Pet Applications

Keep pets clean, while keeping them safe from harmful pesticides, and unwelcome visitors like fleas and ticks. With odor blocking infill and prime drainage abilities, our pet friendly options are perfect for furry friends of all sizes. Rooftop and deck applications are a great option for pet owners in both cities and the suburbs, as a way to give your pet their own outdoor space to run around and take care of business in a safe and enclosed area.

Landscape Applications

Everyone wants to have a nice lawn, but not everyone has the time and money to continuously maintain the appearance of Natural Grass. In addition to treatments with harmful pesticides to keep weeds at bay, caring for your natural grass can cost more than you think. Between water for irrigation systems, gas for power tools, and all the time spent working outside; having the lawn you want can add up fast. With synthetic turf, you can enjoy your lawn and time outside, without dedicating your days off to yard work.

Rooftop Applications

The use of rooftops as an enjoyable area for leisure has been seeing a huge rise in popularity, especially in and around the Boston area. Synthetic turf is perfect for turning a rooftop into a captivating outdoor area, perfect for enjoying the sun and fresh air while still providing the relaxation that comes from being in your own space. For commercial and residential properties located in urban areas, synthetic turf allows you to enjoy your own slice of the great outdoors, without venturing out of the city. Use your newly surfaced rooftop as as a play area, outdoor garden, or simply to soak up some sun.

Golf Applications

A big factor in the rise in demand for synthetic turf as a surfacing option is likely thanks to its stand out performance on the golf course. Synthetic turf is the optimal surface for teeing off, that allows you to improve swing on the course, or practice perfecting it on a personal putting green. Synthetic turf is great for chipping, driving, and pitching, and will not scratch your clubs. With our line of Golf surfacing options for both personal and commercial properties, your experience with Atlantic Sports Group is guaranteed to be a hole in one.
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