Artificial Turf Repair

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Artificial Turf Repair

The Atlantic Sports Group (ASG) is a leader in artificial grass and artificial sports turf repair and maintenance.  While these surfaces are incredibly durable, they can suffer wear and tear with extended use.  Regular maintenance will not only keep your artificial grass or field looking its best, but will also extend the life of your artificial grass or turf field.  To achieve optimal results, regularly check your artificial grass or artificial sports turfs for small areas that need repairs. This will prevent small tears from becoming larger and more expensive problems.

Our company offers several different services including seam and edge repairs, infill replenishment, solutions for turf matting as well as solutions for any other major or minor repairs.  All of these services will help keep your artificial turf surfaces clean and safe as well as protecting your investment and preserve the appearance of your turf.

Seam and Edge Repairs

If seams or edges needs repair do not wait long to fix as the damage will only get worse.  Atlantic Sports Group can assist if your seams or edges need repair.  Our team will lift, level and reattach your artificial grass.

Infill replenishment

Infill is an important part of keeping your artificial grass look its best by protecting the structure of your artificial grass and keeping its blades from flattening.  Our team will add infill to meet appropriate levels that that may have migrated from heavy rain or foot traffic.

Correcting Turf Matting

The best way to keep the lush look of your artificial grass it to keep up with regular maintenance. The team at Atlantic Sports Group can help with power brooming. Power brooming wakes up areas that have matted blades so that they are rejuvenated and stand upright.

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