Snow Removal

The Atlantic Sports Group (ASG) provides superior snow removal services for both commercial properties and artificial turf fields with superior quality and fair prices.
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Commercial Snow Removal

Living in New England and owning a business or managing a property a major concern is snow removal. The ASG snow removal team will have your parking plowed and ready for business to begin on timing when the storm permits. The team at ASG also shovels walkways and salts. For properties large or small, we can handle the storm however big and keep your employees and customers safe. Let ASG worry about the snow so you can concentrate on your business.

Year Round Snow Removal Contracts – 15% discount

Atlantic Sports Group (ASG) is offering a GREAT DEAL – available to all commercial customers new and existing. As all New Englanders know, our area is no stranger to snow.  We are pleased to offer our Snow Removal Services as well as our Plowing Services during the upcoming winter months.  We’re offering our customers a 15% off discount if you sign up for a yearly contract with us, in which you will be billed one flat rate monthly as opposed to each time it snows! That’s right, 15% off the entire year.  That’s savings in your pocket, and snow off of your field.  With the new challenges we face during these unprecedented times, we understand that many of our customers are shying away from indoor events and would like to extend the use of their outdoor fields into the winter months.  Luckily, we have the equipment and the skills to ensure that you can optimize your playtime. The common method of snow removal is the pay-as-you-go deal, where the client will only be billed if it snows, and we send out our crew once it begins to snow.   For artificial fields you don’t want to allow more than 2-4 inches to accumulate.  When high accumulations are predicted, it’s best practice to remove snow throughout the storm as soon as there is an inch of accumulation.  We also offer commercial plowing for parking lots, we provide hand shoveling to ensure you have clean and safe walkways, and we provide salt to ensure that your employees and customers are kept safe from a fall on a slick patch of ice.   We care about our communities, customers, associates, and our environment.  Atlantic Sports Group goes above and beyond assuring that all of your needs are taken care of while using our expert knowledge to ensure it’s done safety, effectively, and efficiently.  We take pride in our work and our commitment to safety, Atlantic Sports Group makes sure the ground you walk, drive, play, and roll on is SAFE.   Call 781-821-0112 today and ask how WE can help YOU.

Turf Field Snow Removal

Artificial turf athletic fields require an initial investment in return for a high quality and increased performance product which will significantly reduce maintenance costs compared to natural grass surfaces. 

Protecting your investment in your artificial turf field is critical. At Atlantic Sports Group (ASG) we can help you protect that investment and help create more opportunities for longer seasons on your artificial turf field in late fall or early spring.

We can help you plan and execute removing snow from your turf field in any conditions.  Standard practice is not to have more than 2-4 inches of snow accumulate on your artificial turf field.  ASG also provides services for dry snow, wet snow and or ice.  Removing snow from turf fields can begin as soon as the snow begins to fall.  For a dry snow, ASG will remove the snow by employing hand held blowers or blowers attached to tractors without damage to the field.  For heavy, wet snow ASG will use plows specifically designed not to cause damage to your artificial turf field.

ASG will help you create a plan, execute it and protect your artificial turf field.

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